Christian optometry mission to the developing world


In order to help as many people as we can in the remote areas we have had to develop new concepts and systems that are not currently available on the market.

The first of these innovations is the bespoked glasses for the correction of astigmatism which consists of round frames and a bank of lenses that would cater for around 95% of prescriptions required in the field. The whole system fits into a suitcase and enables us to correct complex refractive error where ever we go.

The second is the Pen's Lens, a solar powered lens cutting machine that is extremely small and portable. This machine has been designed by Ian Squire and runs off 24 volts which means that it can run off car batteries which can keep the machine running for several days on one charge. The Pen's Lens has been designed to be a central component in the establishment of vision centres around the world in areas where the power supply is very limited. It actually makes the training in optometry relevant in these areas as up to now there has been no equipment suitable for such environments. There is no point in providing a sight testing service if you cannot provide glasses to go with it. With the Pen's Lens this is now possible.

Glazing Machine Prototype