Christian optometry mission to the developing world

Past Missions

Uganda 2012

We had a wonderful trip organised in partnership with Missionary Ventures. Rex and Melinda Guynn who reside in Kitgum organised the clinic sites, accommodation, transport and interpreters. It was a complex mission as we were combining the clinic and training, as well as training to church leaders. We were also testing out a new glazing machine designed to enable us to cut lenses on site and offer the people complex prescriptions to well-fitting and individualised frames.

Mission for Vision funded 68 eye operations, including 44 cataracts, and dispensed 1800 pairs of glasses including 600 sunglasses.

Team members:

  • Shona, Thomas and Crystal: Optometrists
  • Ian and Brigitta: Dispensers
  • Graeme and Derek: Screening
  • Shakespeare, from Nigeria: Trainee
  • Alex and Juddy: Church training

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Uganda 2012