Christian optometry mission to the developing world


Millions of people around the world need glasses just to live a normal life, but do not have the facilities or the means to acquire them.

Mission For Vision is committed to providing vision to those living in the deprived areas of the developing world. The charity comprises optometrists and dispensing opticians willing to volunteer their skills, time and money to improve the quality of life for others.

For many, just obtaining the basics for life is a daily struggle, and for those with deficient eyesight there is little hope of obtaining either education or employment.

What we do

  • Sight testing
  • Dispensing glasses for distance and near vision
  • Providing protective sunglasses
  • Administering medication
  • Organising and funding cataract operations
  • Funding other local projects which benefit the community

What we do

As a christian charity we partner with missionaries and churches in the areas we visit. They provide all the logistical support we need to ensure our missions are a great success. The clinical work is combined with Christian ministry with a view to providing vision both physical and spiritual.