Christian optometry mission to the developing world

Past Missions

Uganda 2003

This was the original trial run which was successful enough to warrant continuation of the work. Base Camp was Busembatia, 3 hours' drive north of Kampala. The team went to two remote villages approximately 2 hours' drive from Busembatia and then ran a clinic in Busembatia itself. Over 6 days, 1400 were seen and 900 were prescribed life-changing glasses. The work was carried out with the help of the local churches, who supplied interpreters, cooks and drivers.

7 members of the team, comprising of 2 optometrists, a dispensing optician, 2 structural engineers, a councillor and a nurse.

  • Kathy Thorrold: Optometrist
  • Stephen Abery: Optometrist
  • Ian Squire: Dispenser
  • Graeme Tucker: Screener
  • Juddy Simmons: Ministry
  • Nels Trelease: Ministry
  • David Trelease: Screening

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Uganda 2003