Christian optometry mission to the developing world

The Future

In 2013 Mission for Vision created a new division called the 'Eye Clinics for Africa Program' or ECAP for short. ECAP is committed to the establishment of permanent self sustaining clinics which will be centres for optometry that will be equipped to offer sight testing and the means to make and supply glasses in areas where no such facilities exist. This work will entail the training of local people to carry out basic but fundamentally important vision care services that will benefit the majority of the local population. The clinics will work in collaboration with local and overseas eye care professionals to provide affordable primary care ophthalmic medication and cataract surgery where possible. The clinics will be managed by the local people under the overall supervision and autonomic control of Mission for Vision to ensure that the clinical work is carried out correctly and that proper and efficient management of infrastructure and funds is in place.

British Optometrist (of D R Congo origin) Dieudonne Odimba Lumbi BSc (Hons) MCOptom FBDO CL who has received many years of training in the UK has been appointed director of ECAP, with the role of liaising with Government Health departments to facilitate the process.

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